Friday, May 13, 2011


I've reached the conclusion that the majority of problems we have in America today are the result of people who lack intelligence and therefore are unable to deal with daily situations without causing trouble.  I believe it's not anger, hate or even, evil.  In my view, stupidity is the culprit.  
I understand that not everyone can be blessed with intelligence and as a result, we have a large group of folks who go around and cause problems in everything they are involved with.  We've all had to deal with these kind of folks in our daily lives.  They are prone to start arguing or fighting at the drop of a hat.   Should you say something to them they don't like (or understand) they get angry.  If you try to rationalize something with them,  they get angry.  Facts don't matter to stupid people and neither does proof or evidence.   When you are stupid and don't understand what an intelligent person is trying to say or do, your first response is anger.  In my opinion many stupid people can't help themselves.  When your brain is not fully developed and able to process any intellectual ideas, it should not be a surprise that the reaction will usually be negative.  
An intelligent person can rationalize or laugh off a statement or action that might be offensive or ill-advised.  Unfortunately, a stupid individual can't.  Therefore, the angry response in immediate.  We have all worked with, went to school with, or just met in our daily interactions, people like this and have had to deal with them in some way.  
Let's face it the world would be a much better place if stupid people weren't around but, as we know,  with over 300 million people in America, we're going to have millions of them running around.  As intelligent people, we must try to deal with the stupid as best as we can.  It is as history would suggest, "the smart man's burden."

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