Monday, May 23, 2011


One doesn't have to search very hard for a multitude of examples on how America can destroy itself.  We are seeing examples every day that prove we on the fast track to self destruction.
It appears that the trend is irreversible, especially when we notice the politicians who are driving us there.  Many from both parties are only concerned about themselves and their continued reelection.  Some are blatant.  They lie, cheat and dishonor the memories of so many of our nations great founders,  both in Congress and in the White House.  It is an outright disgrace to be forced to observe these crooks in action.   Some, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, don't appear to care one bit that we are on to their deceptions.  They are hell bent on destroying the country as long as what happens benefits them.  
Just consider the following recent events that prove my point.

(1)  The disgraceful overspending and debt these clowns are incurring.
(2) Involvement in three war zones that risk the lives of our troops and add to our economic woes
(3)  Unchecked gas prices that have nothing to do with supply and demand but rather, the greed of Wall Street Bankers.  This with little effort on the part of our politicians to put a stop to it.
(4)  A large portion of the media, the so called fourth estate, who should be looking out for the nations best interest, that are blatantly biased and one sided.
(5)  A large division within the population based on race.  Much of this today is caused not by actual prejudice or discrimination but, by individuals and groups willing to perpetuate the division for their own gain.  
(6)  Loss of jobs and business because of idiotic governmental practices that favor outside interests over our own.   Allowing outsourcing of jobs with no effort at taking action against those companies that do this.
(7)  Allowing multi-billion dollar companies to pay little or no taxes while they export jobs and downsize their U.S. operations.
(8)  Not protecting our borders while allowing the free movement of illegals throughout the country 
It would be easy to go on and on with these examples.  Unless changes are made at the highest levels, it appears our self destruction is imminent.  Though there are politicians of both parties that are guilty, it seems that the election of liberal democrats creates a much greater risk.  Hopefully, a political party with a concern for the legal citizens of America and an understanding of our nation's history and a vision of the future, will organize to oppose the entrenched politicians of both sides.  

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