Friday, January 7, 2011


     There are many things that happen in our world that just don't make any sense.  A lot of times we really don't pay much attention to these things and go on with them as if nothing is wrong.   I've been trying to pay closer attention to this stuff lately and have noticed a few of these.  Allow me share below.  
     I've been trying to figure out if abortion is not murder and women get these all the time, why is it then that when a person kills a pregnant woman, he or she is charged with two murders.  I'd really like an explanation for that one.  Woman ends her pregnancy, effectively killing the fetus, it's OK.  Guy shoots and kills his pregnant girlfriend, effectively killing the fetus, double murder charge.  
     Secondly, how is it that we always consider people guilty based on an accusation with no apparent proof.  A woman tells police a guy pushed her, guy gets arrested and charged.  At this point, it doesn't matter if he is cleared later.  In the eyes of most he is already guilty and is treated as such.  The guy has to prove he didn't do it.  I didn't think our wonderful system of Constitutional protections was supposed to work like that.   Which brings me to another one.  Did you ever notice how the newspapers and television will run the story of the guy being accused on the front page or at the top of the news but, when he clears his name days, weeks or months later, it's never reported at all or at best ends up at the bottom of page ten in the paper.  It really doesn't seem fair does it? 
     Why is it that during the holiday season people who don't speak to you all year on the street suddenly want to talk?  I've always felt if you don't want to speak to me all year, why do want to talk to me now.  There's nothing worse to me than a phony.  
     How much worse is it going to get with political ads?  It's gotten to the point that I dread the campaign season.  Countless mailings, phone calls and the awful repetitive ads on television in which the candidates no longer tell us what they will do but, are more interested in bashing the opponent.  The negativism has pretty much come to represent the corruptness of our major political parties and the goons that run them.  

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