Monday, January 11, 2010


It's easy to see why the terrorists have a good chance of winning this war.  First and foremost, they are prepared to wage this battle for generations not months or years like we are.  Americans don't have the will to fight any long term battles.  We bore very easily and want everything over with...yesterday.  We don't have the resolve to engage in this kind of thing.  Plain and simple, they will outlast us.  The recent statement by the president sending additional troops to Afghanistan in a surge but, indicating an 18 month window before they must start to be drawn down, is a prime example of this self-destructive philosophy.   We are dead in the water, neutered or whatever term you like to use.  Basically, with this kind of thinking, we should just kiss our ass (and those of our children and grandchildren) goodbye.
Secondly, we now have an administration that is not even willing to use the term, "terrorist" in describing these individuals and their actions.  We would prefer to worry about the rights of these killers and for what?  To show off this supposed "great system" we live under.  What great system, that bird flew away a long time ago.  Our country has lost its identity and is awash in diversity.  This diversity is killing us.  Not because it's a bad thing to accept others but because of what is being done to us under the pretense of this diversity.  The terrorists and others who would do harm to this country have already infiltrated us enough that they can use our own laws against us.  So as a result what we have is Muslims buying property in the US and using the protections of private property to train for their Jihad, right here in the USA, and guess what, there is nothing we can do about it.  
We are in essence, as predicted, bearing the seeds or our own destruction.
Finally, we insist on coddling these terrorists.  We are closing Gitmo, giving them lawyers, rights under our Constitution, banning torture and putting them on trial in American cities and expecting a good result?  Who are we kidding, start teaching your grandkids the Koran, they will need it in their version of America.

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