Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well here we go again. Another new year and another chance to try to get it right. This will be the two thousand and tenth time we have tried without success to get things in this world all straightened out. Will this be the year? Hopefully but let's face it probably not.
Someone really needs to find a formula to fix all these problems pretty soon.
Wars, Hunger, Violence, Crime, Drugs, Intolerance, Child Abuse, Terrorism, Typhoons, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunami's, Crooked Politicians, Gangs, Wildfires, Pandemics, Alcoholism, Taxes, Pyramid Schemes, Fraud, Depression, Nuclear Chaos and so on and so on.
I don't know about you but, I've been waiting for God to do something about this all but, it doesn't look like he wants to get involved. It kinda makes me think he is up there just watching all this unfold like some Television Show. Probably, God's Channel, Channel 1. It's all a bunch of Crime Dramas and the like for God to watch and enjoy. He probably says, "Hey I ain't getting involved" "don't want to ruin a good thing."
Obviously all that praying doesn't help because God has his headset up too loud. Can't hear ya!!!

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