Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, it's New Years Eve again. Time for everyone to look back on the past year and try to take in all the major events in our lives both personal and public. Did we have a good year? A bad one? Perhaps, it was a balance? If you had no health issues in your family consider yourself lucky, it WAS a good year.
It did not appear to be a great year for our country as the Wars in the Middle East continue, the economy has gone South (literally) and threats from enemies both internal and external have increased. We have focused a great deal of time, energy AND money in bailing out big businesses and we have continued to increase our nation's debt to absurd levels, with no end in sight. Is it the fact that our difficulties have increased so much or that we are simply paying more attention to things we may have ignored in the past?
As this year ends and we all hope for a better one in 2010 it is important to appreciate all those things which are going well in our lives but, to not lose sight of the difficulties and challenges ahead. Here's to a banner year ahead and for the ability to recognize the difference.

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