Monday, December 14, 2009


The amount of money that many big time college athletic programs are losing is appalling. Recent news stories suggest that many schools are using their general accounts to pay debts incurred by their (in many cases) lavish sports teams. Not mentioned is how this is laid squarely on the backs of all those students not getting a free ride and their parents, who in many cases are footing the bill.
Now let's be honest, there are many smart athletes but, if you look closely there is a multitude of "dopes" on most teams (especially football), who are taking up valuable space and funds that could be being used to actually educate someone might just make a life changing contribution to society.
The fact that these extravagant programs, lavish these athletes and coaches with expensive equipment, food, air travel, hotels, tuition, books etc. is disgraceful but, if we
Common sense would dictate that if you want to have sports fine but, the burden of the excesses causes by these sports should not be paid using any money from other areas of the university budget.

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