Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well in the battle for biggest moron contest, Al Gore is certainly in the running.  Everyone surely knows of Gore, a pathetic political figure who, despite his failures in politics has managed to reinvent himself as the number one defender of the the world's climate.  Gore has done a magnificent job of  being a step ahead of the curve on finding ways to keep himself out there and in finding ways to pad his fortune.  
Gore has discovered that becoming an environmental wacko has its rewards and proper placement of oneself as a leader of the movement of the Global Warming Loons.  You have to give this guy credit for being able to bamboozle millions of dolts worldwide with his message of too much carbon, too much human interference and the evils of American Industrialization.  
Even after recent emails were disclosed that show pro-climate scientists were fudging the statistics in order hide the actual decline in temperatures in the past ten years, Gore continues to slough off the reality by ignoring it, lying about it, and simply twisting the arguments to serve his own purposes.
Gore is as much a huckster and charleten as there is and continues to enjoy support among many of the ignorant Americans willing to believe anything a shyster like Al tells them.  It's amazing how many people will say they agree with Al or trust his distortions but, when you push them to explain, they can't.  
Gore and his minions have put America on a dangerous path which will further lead us to destroying ourselves.  It appears to be a race between he and Obama to see who can get it done first.
The final result of Gore's antics will be higher taxes, less jobs, destructive outside control of American resources and the continuation of the decline of our nation.  Thanks Al you J*ckas*!

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