Thursday, December 3, 2009


How does it make any sense to involve more troops in a war and at the same time include a timetable for exiting the said war.  This is what President Obama has done with his speech last night at West Point. (or as Chris Mathews calls it, "enemy territory"), where he agreed to send 30,000 more troops to fight and at the same time mentioned a draw down to begin 18 months later. Considering that is might take nearly six months to get the additional troops in theater, by my estimation that only gives the troops 12 months to achieve all the military objectives necessary to defeat the enemy, clean-up, pack-up and then come back home.  
Is it me or is this a joke, nuts, insane?  What kind of Commander-in-Chief would put his soldiers in this kind of unrealistic bind?  Let me suggest it's one that is concerned about his re-election.   How much does this tell us about this guy?  In July 2011 he will be in the midst of his campaign and will be able to use this "withdrawal" as a gimmick to secure his second term.  But, what about the lives of the troops forced to fight an already unorthodox style of war?  They are forced to follow "rules" when engaging the enemy, we are not able to use our Air Force to bomb these terrorist bases, we have to worry about the death of civilians, or as in the recent case of the four Navy Seals facing Court Martial for punching a terrorist during his capture,  and now they have to worry about fighting a war with time constraints.  What is wrong with our leaders that the nation with the greatest military in history, with the greatest technological advantages, greatest most sophisticated weaponry is hamstrung by the idiotic rules of a**hole politicians of both parties.  
This is just another nail in the coffin our leaders are building for us.

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