Monday, November 23, 2009


The big buzz on the internet is the pornographic performance on the AMA's by Adam Lambert the runner-up on last season's American Idol.    Mr. Lambert thinks there is nothing wrong with simulating oral sex in his dance and then kissing his male piano player.
What a jackass.  Further reason this country is in the crapper.   No brains, no morals a deadly combination. 
I personally have nothing against gays but what I can't stand is this in your face behavior that seeks to legitimize being gay to the world.   If you want to be gay fine but it isn't necessary to show me in a public venue.  I feel the same way about heteros doing the same sort of thing.
Typical Hollywood, Music and Entertainment assholes continually trying to make a "statement to the world" and forcing their lifestyles on America.  Get a grip you smack-offs, the average American has enough troubles and issues and could care less.  You have a small minority of idiots following you around and making you think you are something greater than you are.  You're an entertainer, nothing more.  Let some of that air out your big head and don't feel you have to force your homo-ness on us.

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