Thursday, November 12, 2009

Democrats or Republicans One and The Same

I don't foresee much hope for America as long as we have to pick between these two groups to select our leaders.  The biggest mistake folks are making is to think one side or the other is better.  They are all helping themselves and not so much helping the citizens.  They get in office and then you can't get them out for decades.  This is not what the Founders of our Nation had in mind.   There are groups all throughout the system that are corrupt and stealing from the taxpayers.  Fraud and corruption are a way of life in this political system of ours.  The Ideals and Morals are gone and we are on the decline much as Rome was but most are too stupid to see it.  Thankfully I had the chance to live in the greatest years of American, namely the 50's and 60's.  Sadly, those years will never come back nor will the people that made them so great.  Folks with a strong work ethic and a conscience.  Some things that are definitely missing today.  I feel bad for my children and grandchildren in that they will never know how great America was.  How simple, yet fulfilling those times were and the inspiration many of us got living in our country in those years.  I feel that our nation has been hijacked by small groups, minorities and outsiders whose goal is not for a better land but to line their own pockets and to have everything handed to them.  We are in the midst of the decline but the only question remaining is how long it will take till the total collapse.  Brought down not by outside forces or armies but from within.  Who would've thunk?

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