Thursday, November 12, 2009


It should be clear to everyone that our country is headed for disaster.  Never before have divisions been so great and differences so unsolvable.  The two sides that call themselves "Liberal" and "Conservative"  have driven a wedge between us all that is being played out in numerous arenas.  There is almost no aspect of American life that isn't being argued over.  We are constantly bombarded on TV and Radio with the wail of these "Sirens" from the left and right.    Instead of entertainment the media has become the great "divider" of our nation.  Thanks to the continued drumbeat and harping of the "pundits" we are left feeling as if everything is hopeless.  Nothing can be agreed on or no issue can be finally resolved.  It is quite sickening to watch.  Part of the problem is the 24 hour news channels and their constant search for "breaking news" both real and imagined.

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