Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BROWN WIN , Change We Can Believe In?

Scott Brown's victory in the Massachusetts Senate race is not only amazing but historic.  The messages sent by this win are many and critical.
It sends the message that the American people are fed up with the current Administration and the direction they are forcing (yes forcing) the country with their total disregard and aversion to following the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers.
It also puts the brakes on the disgraceful process of passing this so called, Health Care Reform Bill, with it's thousands of pages and indiscernible content and should let the politicians in Washington know that the people are watching.  For a Republican to win a seat that has been in Democratic hands for almost 50 years is astounding.  It has to be poetic justice that Ted Kennedy, long time proponent of Health Care Nationalization and left wing liberal extraordinaire helped cause this Democratic debacle by refusing to step down prior to his death.  Kennedy has long manipulated the Massachusetts political scene to his benefit and continually played politics with the system right up to his death.  This adds to the satisfaction of Brown's victory, knowing Kennedy is turning over in his grave (or on the spit in Hell most likely) while Mary Jo Kopechne must be smiling from above.
Congratulations to the people of Massachusetts for standing up to the Kennedy sham legacy and that of his cronies and not electing a "politics as usual" liberal into the US Senate.
Too bad the people of Minnesota didn't have the same level of courage and intelligence a few months ago when they voted in that diaper wearing nincompoop.  We should all take a lesson from the courage and determination of our friends in Massachusetts

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