Saturday, December 15, 2012


Before I start let me say that I am not an overly religious person and don't profess to be anything more than spiritual but, I do have an observation I've noticed on the TV coverage of these various shootings in the news lately.  
Why is it that people will deny God all  year long, in every form yet, when there is a tragedy like the shooting in Newtown  Connecticut every public official and media member on TV is constantly spouting off with the disingenuous comment, "I'd like to offer my/our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families?"  Why is it suddenly OK to acknowledge God but, only at a time when it serves one's interest?  Let's face it, most of the media, politicians and other talking heads could care less when God is denigrated all year long yet, when it serves their interests, they suddenly want to appear politically correct and they offer us these hollow statements.
The same thing happens during Christmas.  They like to play to the masses and as soon as the time passes, they move on back to their Anti-Christian behavior. 

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