Sunday, August 26, 2012


Help is on the Way
With the great difficulty America is having with it's economy at the present time, there is a never ending amount of promises being made to us by our illustrious politicians.  Whether it be from the President or Congress, whether it's a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, one thing is for certain and that is, their willingness to get behind a microphone and promise us the moon.   Of course most times their promises aren't worth a pint of piss, nor can they ever be held accountable because of the spin and outright lying that occurs,  It doesn't appear that there are going to be any good solutions coming to us from the current AIG ( assholes in government), regarding "fixing" the economy.  After all, their belief is that they can give us any old BS line and we will buy it lock, stock and barrel.  Unfortunately, this technique works because we have an immensely large number of stupid, uninformed citizens in this country at the present time but, that is a topic for another post.
Well, I propose a very simple solution that would help get jobs back in this country.  I suggest that a law be passed which states to all American businesses, that they must produce 30% of their products in this country, if they wish to sell their product in this country.  That's it, very quick AND simple.  You want to sell here, you have to produce one-third of your product in the states AT A MINIMUM.  
I know it sound very simplistic and it's something easy to blow off but, I truly feel it would work.  Consider this my contribution to improving things in America for today.  Don't thank me, just send money.

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