Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It's a fantastic testament to the achievement of science and engineering when humans on a planet tens to hundreds of millions of miles away can land a two ton object, blindly, on the surface of another planet, that is inhospitable at best. 
Think about what NASA has achieved with this most recent effort.  Think about it long and hard because it is, phenomenal, fantastic and unbelievable at the same time.  Yes, we've been to the moon, yes we've sent spacecraft to the edge of the solar system, yes we've had tremendous success with space telescopes etc., but, this recent achievement ranks up there with the best of them.

When you take the time to ponder space, time and distance, it is quite humbling.  When you consider that man has been able to achieve such awesome heights of invention, technology, engineering and spaceflight in such a short time, one can only be amazed.  The fact that the Mars Rover Curiosity was successfully landed on Mars should be a sense of pride for all Americans and all people of our planet.  Imagine if all people on this planet got along and worked together instead of fighting wars and threatening  one another, the possibilities would be limitless.  I expect the Mars Rover to be an even more amazing success over the next few years as it sends back data, photos and other information in order to broaden man's understanding of the universe.  Congratulations to NASA and all the individual people who made this possible.

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