Monday, August 13, 2012


You have to give the guy credit on his birthday at least.  Ever since taking power in 1959, and despite the best efforts of the U.S. , Fidel Castro is celebrating another birthday today.  He's on his 11th U.S. President and still going strong.  He has been given up for dead more times than I can remember but yet, like that old Timex Watch, he keeps on ticking.  
Say what you want about the guy but, he is truly a survivor.  The last man standing of the old Cold War leaders, Castro must have been born with a built in rabbit's foot.  Many in Cuba love the guy and his following is almost god-like, despite the generally poor living conditions for so many in that country.  He has outsmarted the U.S. on so many occasions over the past 50 plus years that it's not even funny.
It's as if we've all grown up with this guy and he is a part of my memories from junior high school when we were all being brainwashed to hate him and everything he stood for.  Though I don't like his ideology. I do respect his resourcefulness and longevity.  So Happy Birthday Fidel and many more you old cold warrior you.

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