Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 Anyone paying a little bit of attention knows that the guy in the White House has no real identifiable credentials.  There is nothing he can hang his hat on from his past.  Nothing to impress, nothing to brag about or have great pride in.
He is a ghost, a wisp, invisible, indeed he is the 21st Century version of the Emperor who has no clothes.  To hug him is akin to hugging a cloud.  There is nothing there to grab on to, to point to or to hold.  Zero, zip, nada.
The bigger question perhaps is how could someone like him be elected to the highest office in the land.  It is frightening more so that a nation of educated people would turn over the keys to the kingdom to a man such as this.  It is the truest example of handing the fox the keys to the hen house.  Why should we be surprised that a man with no substance himself, accomplishes nothing of substance.  It is "we the people" who are the fools.  Obviously, the Czechs know something many Americans may not.

And if that doesn't make a point for you maybe this will.  Either way it doesn't bode well for us, especially if we get four more years of this mess.

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