Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One thing is for certain and that is, Obama must be ousted in 2012.  That is number one, the main thing, the big enchilada, BO MUST GO!
However, the problem presents itself on how to go about assuring this becomes reality.  Now it's not that BO isn't doing his best to help the cause, what with all his screw-ups, failed policies, idiotic associations, weak appointments and generally lousy record but, with the Republican field splintering the right, my general fear is that BO will trip, fall, stumble backwards and fall back into the Oval Office.  Another four years of this disaster and we might as well Nuke ourselves.  
My hope is that a standout candidate emerges sooner rather than later from the Republican field.  
After much consideration I've decided that it is counter-productive for me to say I like each candidate a little bit and keep myself waffling  and indecisive.  As a result, I've decided that I'm going to attach myself to the Herman Cain bandwagon and ride it till the wheels fall off.  I'm going into this knowing there are going to be things about him I'm not going to always like but, I'm thinking it's getting to rug cutting time and so there it is.  I am now at peace and can be assured of a good night's sleep.    Not to mention how good I already feel about myself  for supporting a "real" 100% black man AND he is American for God's sake.  Now I'm going to wait for all my conservative friends and family to see the wisdom in this decision and jump aboard the Cain-Train!

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