Friday, June 4, 2010


Just a few things that really get to me.  See if you agree or not.  Perhaps you may want to add a few of your own.
(1)  WHY do so many businesses with crash doors at the entrance always have one locked?   I nearly broke my wrist a few weeks ago walking out of a local convenience store because they had locked the one crash door and I go out in full stride and, like a bird crashing into the window, I'm nearly knocked out.
(2) Speaking of those same doors, WHY do people exiting a building, try to go out the left side door all the time.  Don't these folks know that this is AMERICA and we are supposed to go TO THE RIGHT, just like when driving?  You know what I mean, you are walking in to the local grocery store and reaching for the door on your right and some moron come flying out that same door (his left) and nearly knocks you over.  
(3) How about the goofy amber traffic lights that never have the same timing before changing to red?  Many times you are into the intersection as the light is still green but before you can get through, the damn light is red because the FREAKING amber light is two seconds long.  There should be a law that makes ALL amber traffic lights five seconds long.  This way drivers would have a much better sense of timing.  
(4) Finally, how about those damn disclaimers that are 500 words long and flash on the screen for four of five seconds?  Also, there are the ones in the micro mini print in the newspaper or what about the ones on radio that the guy reads at 100 words per second?  You really can't tell what the guys is saying but all you can make out are words like: "death", "rapid heart beat"  "blindness", or "four hour erection."  It's OK for the pharmaceutical companies to kill us but, not good old Doctor Kevorkian.  At least the good doctor is truthful and clear on what he is going to do to you.  
     I don't know what bugs anyone else but, the items on this list really piss me off and I'm going to guess, that if you think about them, you will agree.  Please add to the list in the comments section.  

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