Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I started thinking the other day how the innocence, promise and direction of America has been hijacked over the past 30 years or so.  Lost is the innocence of our youth, what with drugs rampant, the constant emphasis on sex, the acceptance of the violent thug culture, the mind numbing reliance on technology, the decaying of our schools and the corruption of values by TV, music and Hollywood.
Also being destroyed is the American Spirit of self reliance, the work ethic of our parents and grandparents and the creativity of individuals, which helped shape the nation.  We have completely tied ourselves up in knots as we constantly worry about being diverse, politically correct and all inclusive.  This high-jacking has been perpetrated right before our eyes and we seem powerless to stop it.  What was the America of my youth is gone, never to return.  The strength of  our nation has ebbed and those behind this calculated take over, the politicians, the Hollywood  leftists, the race-baiters, the illegals,  the criminals, the liberal judges, the failing public school system and all the rest, will soon be able to stand above the nation's dying corpse, laughing and taunting us as America takes her final breaths.  I long for what was America and an end to this impostor that has replaced her.

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