Monday, June 7, 2010


My wife watches the three WORST categories of TV Shows ever put on TV.  First, she watches Soap Operas.  Boring, can't stand them.  Does anyone really think that people really live like that?  All they do is jump from bed to bed, fight over ownership of the "company," and talk in annoying whispers.  I absolutely hate them but, I'm stuck listening to this garbage when I am in the house.  
Another type of show she watches is the annoying shopping channels like QVC and HSN.  Not only does she watch but occasionally, she even buys something.  I can't take the idiotic hosts of these shows who shill the products and make each item sound better than the one before.  This ring is the greatest ever made, until the next one is shown then it becomes the greatest.  The overuse of the word 'gorgeous" is also sickening.  I usually do a count of the word just to drive my wife a bit crazy and believe me it is used dozens of times per hour to describe their jewelry. 
 Every item is gorgeous and every aspect of the gorgeous item, is gorgeous.  It is PATHETIC.
Lastly, she likes to watch the morons on HLN, namely Jane Thelez Mitchel, Mike Galanos and the worst of the worst, that pucker faced dimwit, Nancy Grace.  I would rather poke myself in the eye with an icepick than have to watch these jerks but, when it's on and I'm in the house, I'm stuck listening to it.  BOMBSHELL Nancy you and your cohorts SUCK!  I just don't have a nicer way to describe these ambulance chasing, tragedy loving shysters.  They are soooooo phony about not convicting people before they are found guilty or even charged for that matter.  They try to cover themselves while convicting the poor sucker they are talking about, by constantly tossing out the word, "alleged"   Attention Jane, rather than racism, I think what YOU do is a mental disorder!  What a pile of trash!  Sadly, this is what America has become with the advent of these 24 hour news channels. 

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