Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The 2012 election will most likely be the last in America's History ff Obama and the Democrats win, that is.   It's likely that if Obama wins and gets to spend four more years at the helm of the nation, we will be,  for all intents and purposes, done for.   With the kind of leadership we are getting from Obama and his minions we will be lucky to get past this first term, yet alone a second.  OK America I hope you got it out of your system.  You voted for the incompetent semi-black guy, just to show everyone and yourself, that you are not racist AND in fact, are quite enlightened , and now he has put us on a path to national doom.  It's likely to affect us greatly,  but, the really worse effects will be felt by our children and grandchildren.  We are setting them up with a third world country in which to live.
The previous paragraph was a message to all those bleeding heart white-folks who wanted to make themselves feel good.  If you have any sense you will consider carefully in 2012.  Stop worrying about looking good and start focusing on doing what is right for America.  
Now as far as the black or Hispanic folks reading this, I am hoping you can somehow break yourself of the habit of forever voting Democratic (no matter how much you convince yourself they are really looking out for you).   I'm assuming that no matter how much you may dislike or blame "Whitey" for the sins of a FEW of his great-grandfathers,  I'm sure you too are interested in preserving this country for your decedents as well.  Four more years of the Obama Administration jeopardizes all that. 

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