Saturday, July 9, 2011


Stop Worrying About Me
Isn't it quite remarkable how little we are hearing about the horrors of the AIDS epidemic in recent years.  Any question as to why?  All the bluster about the end of the world.  Shouldn't Magic Johnson be dead by now?  Funny how it all works.  Yet today, nary a peep about this Armageddon disease that was going to bring humankind to its knees.  
Let me tell you what I think.  What has changed about AIDS?  If you think about it, nothing really.  The disease is still out there, there has been no vaccine or any type of cure for that matter.  The only difference is that the wealthy have been able to "buy" there way through it.  Treatments and medications that folks like Magic and the like can afford, is enough to keep them going.  Not so much for the average Joe, or the poor Joe.  It's not as important to focus on this plague as much now that the rich are getting enough treatment.  Interesting how that all works.  As soon as the rich begin to suffer again or the disease morphs in a way that affects the Magic Johnson's of the world negatively, then we will begin hearing more about the need to find a cure.

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