Thursday, July 21, 2011


Pray For One Term
It's pretty clear to anyone with a brain, or those not so jaded by there blind political allegiances, that the administration of Barack Obama has put the country on a path toward destruction,  Now the destruction might not be physical.  You know the kind you see in the movies after the Atomic Bomb goes off and the buildings are crumbling or just skeletons of steel beams, as the morning light rises to show all the dust blowing in the air.  No, not that kind of destruction but, a destruction equally as devastating to every man, woman and child in America,  The destruction unleashed by this President is one of financial destruction, moral destruction and the destruction of the American Spirit. 
The financial destruction is evident in the volatility of the markets, lack of jobs, increases in inflation,  collapse of the housing market,  the healthcare debacle and the like.  Just as evident is the destruction of the moral direction of this country.  Granted it began over 50 years ago but, the speed at which the decay has increased in the last three years is astounding.   The debauchery we witness on a daily basis, in films, on TV, and in our own communities are now considered  protected Constitutionally guaranteed practices.  Concern about gays in the military,take precedents over jobs and education.  The rights of illegal aliens take precedents over the rights of hard-working, taxpaying average Americans.  Concern over fairness and the rights of  terrorists trump the rights of U.S. citizens.  Apparently, there is no end to this madness, as long as this man is in the White House.   
Perhaps the most tragic acts of destruction are those leveled against the "American Spirit."  That intangible thing that has been the foundational corner stone of the country  It is being systematically debased and destroyed by this President, and his administration, through their actions.  Everything from the placement of liars, incompetents and tax scofflaws in high administration positions, such as the Justice Department and others, has created a crisis of faith in our nation.  Obama's policies continue to repress the spirit of invention, investment, and go so far as to dampen, if not destroy the work ethic that made America great. (Dems know it too) Policies like 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, which encourages people NOT to work, or his continued efforts to block drilling of oil and gas, send the message that America is not worth it anymore.  His love for increasing spending and desiring to increase taxes and to grow government to epic proportions are toxic blows to the spirit of what made this country great.
Americans need to soon wise up to this man and his cohort and the destructive tactics of his administration before it is too late.  Four more years of Obama's incompetence and America will be unrecognizable. 

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