Saturday, June 4, 2011


The battle for the soul of the country is in full swing at the moment, as the liberal left and the diversity crowd, do their utmost to tear apart what was once the greatest nation in the world.  
The tradition and Constitution loving conservatives are stepping up to battle these forces of evil at every turn.  The odds are difficult, because the liberals will never fight fairly, nor will they acknowledge facts that they don't like, or evidence no matter how clear it is.  Conservatives must muddle through everything from the tactics of the  lying liberals, to the accusations of racism hurled by the race-baiters.  Despite the long odds,  conservatives have taken to the Internet and other non-traditional media, to defend their positions and lay out their facts.  Fortunately, these avenues are available today since the main stream media is just a mouthpiece for the left, and is not dependable when it comes to reporting the facts.
It is worrisome however, because as the conservatives age and die off,  it doesn't appear that there are enough replacements to continue the battles,  of promoting  the true values and traditions of this nation.   Conservatives need to work fast to straighten out the country because eventually they will be engulfed by the ever growing population of "takers" and all will most certainly be lost.  As for now it is important for conservative and right-leaning Americans to continue forward to wage the battles that this confrontation with the left-wing, destroyers has created. 

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