Saturday, August 13, 2011


What's All The Fuss About?
      I could have sworn that the end of the world was coming very soon but, evidently (and thankfully) I was wrong.  It made me think a bit how fickle we are about events (even major ones) and how influenced we are by what the media feeds us or puts in our heads at any given time.  Think of the major catastrophic events that have occurred recently and were guaranteed to cause our destruction but, you haven't heard anything about lately.

(1) The Gulf Oil Spill-Where in the hell did that story go?  Wasn't this going to destroy the entire Gulf for fishing, vacations etc., and then spread around the world as the Earth emptied itself of all its oil?   Everything must be OK down there because I haven't heard a peep about this event for months.

(2) The Japanese Nuclear Disaster-I always thought a nuclear meltdown was something really serious.  I guess not, I haven't heard this mentioned for weeks and weeks.   I guess a few Nukes going off here and there really wouldn't be such a bad thing after all?  Wonder why they scared the shit out of us back in elementary school with all that duck and cover crap? 

(3)  Y2K-Planes falling out of the sky, nukes launching themselves, communications down around the globe.  Well you know........all the usual BS.

(4)  The melting polar ice caps and the movement of glaciers-WTF?  Where have you gone Al Gore?   I thought for sure this one was it.

Well hopefully, you get my point.  It doesn't appear that things we are told (or think) are nearly as serious or worrisome as we may have thought.  Well that is good news I suppose. 
So when that comet hits us head on, maybe it will just be a flesh wound, right?  I don't want to worry needlessly you know. 


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