Friday, March 27, 2009


Two of the toughest things to accomplish are: getting paint off your dress slacks and, trying to figure out how so many people in this country have developed such an unchecked sense of entitlement. It has become quite obvious that there is now in America an ingrained culture of folks who believe its their sole right to get everything for nothing and, that it is the sole responsibility of others to provide it.
A generation of people has grown into this "solid as concrete" mentality that who they perceive as "rich people" (which really means working middle and upper middle class folks) must provide everything to them that they would otherwise have to work to obtain. Be it Welfare, Food Stamps, Subsidized Medical Care, Free Lunches, Free Legal Advice, Birth Control, Free Bus Transportation, Free Education, WIC Programs, Free Housing etc. According to this ingrained from birth mentality, all of these are owed to them and are part of our responsibility to provide.
How does one become so tainted? How it may be asked can a person become a constant taker and in essence a leach on society. Very simple, you prey on the generosity of some, the guilt of others and use all the tools provided to you by the liberals who have carved out a niche in the cottage industry of victim-hood. This is all they know. The takers will soon outnumber the givers, then what?

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