Wednesday, March 11, 2009

America Under Coordinated and Long Term Attack

This attack on America was begun back in the 1960's and continues on through today. It has been moving quite slowly and methodically on many fronts within American Society. It has been waged against the family, the church and the foundation of our system of education.
The attack has been woven in so carefully into the fabric of our society that it is nearly impossible to see unless one looks in the mirror. It is woven into our culture, attitudes, customs and everyday life in such a way that one participates in this deception many times without being aware.
Political arguments are twisted in a way that one doesn't deal with the issue hand but is tricked into a secondary conflict about the other persons race, gender or sexual persuasion. Suddenly, the man arguing with his neighbor over the loud music he is playing is now diverted from that issue to defending himself because that neighbor happens to be a minority.
Presently, it appears very difficult to battle this monster because it is so in bedded in our psyche and has been such a deep rooted part of people for the past 40 years.
We are being destroyed form the inside and we are fiddling. Can you say, "Goodbye America?"

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