Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's really hard to fathom how stupid politicians can be but time after time we get reminded. Every day examples of the idiocy come out in the news. Today's winner is a lawmaker by the name of Jeff Eldridge from West Virginia who has decided to focus his energy and resources on banning the Barbie Doll. Why you might ask? Well his reasoning revolves the "bad body image" created because so many young girls want to look like Barbie.
Suddenly, after 50 years the idiots of 2009 have decided we need to protect young from the evils of this doll. Really, what is wrong with a young girl wanting to look like Barbie? Fit, in shape and clean are evidently not worthwhile goals for today's young girls. I'm guessing this genius would be much happier with, fat, dirty and out of shape.This just shows you how far stupidity has come in to the forefront in this country. For generations this doll has been a favorite of young girls and has never hurt anyone. But in today's era of correctness, in the mind of this dolt, we must eliminate this threat to national security.
What will tomorrow's stupidity be? We'll have to wait and see.

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