Monday, August 3, 2009


Finally some good news. Looks like Dan Rather is getting everything he deserves in his lawsuit against CBS. As you may recall ol' Dan was teed off because CBS canned his sorry behind because of his bout of story creating, instead of story reporting , regarding the military record of President George W. Bush. Seems it was more important to Dan to get some kind of story out to make Bush look bad. Since he was not one to let accuracy get in the way of some Breaking News, he decided to use some really bad "intell" and gave CBS quite the black eye. Well, what do they say about pigeons? Guess they are back roosting eh Danny?
Remember now, this guy was the replacement for the recently deceased Walter Cronkite, who more than likely got the job because of his nice hair, rather than his anchor desk skills. Since Dan had some pretty big shoes to fill and lacking the skill and believability of Walter, he decided to make up for it by developing the biggest Napoleon Complex in TV News History.
Realizing that his just "reporting" the news wasn't enough to feed this giant ego, it appears he decided somewhere along the way to just say stuff that sounded good, and blended with his political philosophy. When there aren't facts then make them up or go out to the crack house and find a source to quote. Where you can't verify then just mystify. Shuck and jive, duck and cover and dink and dunk, that's what this old news hound's sorry act became.
Now what a "pathetic" display as he tries to sue his way back to credibility. Forget it you Jackass, you lost that long ago. CBS gave you a free pass and a nice paycheck for 24 years and now being the cretin you are, your way of paying them back for putting up with your amateurish skills is to sue them. Ha ha, go away in the corner somewhere and disappear you washed up old geezer.

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