Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It used to be safe to take for granted that information coming from the media, politicians and business sources was credible and truthful. That isn’t the case any longer. With the constant battling between the various media outlets and cut-throat competition among advertisers, it's getting more difficult to figure out what, is accurate.
Businesses and organizations have begun to push the envelope of credibility as well. The safest bet seems to be to doubt most information from all these sources.
My personal suggestions are; to those companies I call or who call me to conduct business, I no longer believe you are recording my call for quality assurance and to promote better service. I haven't seen any better service and I still can't understand most of your operators.
Attention politicians, I no longer believe in the word "sanctions". Please quit talking about them. We all know they don’t work! With your fifty years of sanctions against Cuba, they should have sunk into the Caribbean by now, yet Castro is still giving us the one finger salute. Yet you expect us to believe they will work against North Korea or Iran.
To the car dealers with your misleading ads, I don't believe you are going to sell me that brand new $20,000 car for $9,000, no matter how big the ad is. When I read your fine print I find I don't qualify for many of those numbers you are subtracting, and that part about the cash or trade of $6,000, kills the deal for me.
To all TV news people, you and your "Breaking News" about the cat in the tree or the pony getting loose, is a joke. You choose to get your stories out fast (and poorly) rather than accurately. Anyway, we know you steal most of your “news” from the print media. Then, there is the weatherman.........need I say

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