Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We are living in a time of great distress and upheaval in America. Everywhere you turn there are serious problems and challenges against our nation, caused to a great extent by the lousy and corrupt politicians serving in our government at the present time. Without the benefit of term limits, it appears that this current system is collapsing rather quickly under its own weight. Politicians at the federal and state levels are making extremely poor choices in every area of our lives from economic to health care. In essence it is like watching an individual slowly self destruct yet, you feel powerless to help and you know it is only going to get worse and worse in the next few years,
All of those bastions of government that in the past have truly cared for the country are now helping the nation to its eventual demise. Politicians have become the most destructive force with their elitist arrogance and general stupidity. It appears that anything they touch, they destroy or at the very least cripple. Be it the military, health care, taxes, the economy and everything in between. Without the fear of being driven out of office they remain for long periods of time, decades in many cases, consolidating their control and influence over us. We are being duped by these schemers, to surrender our precious freedoms and rights. They are gutting this country, not quickly, but instead in an almost indiscernible slow and methodical way. Its like being eaten by a million ants, each taking one mouthful rather than being swallowed whole. Time is running out for Americans to stand up to this subtle take over. We must demand term limits and vote in opposition to all incumbents to allow for a new crop of untainted leaders to emerge. Then we must make demands on those politicians to return this country to its people. Follow its laws as written, remove all illegal aliens, deport as necessary. Stop paying American taxpayer money to fund these illegals. Punish any company that employs them. There are many grassroots websites and organizations springing up all across America. We must unite to take back this country or soon it will be too late.

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