Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well now that Michael Jackson has had his day perhaps we can go back to some semblance of normality in our own lives. The media frenzy over the funeral and memorial today was utterly outrageous and over the top. To have major networks represented at the the funeral of a pop star is beyond me and points directly to the crap that is TV News today.
Now one must ask how much of this is done to appease black folks. I have come to believe that it is my duty as a white working man, to constantly appease, please and generally take care of the black man. We want to keep him as happy as possible at all times. What a joke. A bunch of law breaking punks and thugs coming on and get air time to tell us we didn't honor the guy enough when he was living and perhaps we should feel guilty. Notice how the guilt trip is used in every aspect of black and white relations . Buying millions of his records, selling out all his concerts, mobbing him at every turn was not enough homage according to the likes of Al "Toot My Own Horn" Sharpton. After all MJ was the poster boy for the Civil Rights Movement. He was the Rosa Parks/MLK in his efforts in this regard----NOT. What a joke, AL "the pimp" was there to sell his wares. What does Al sell? Well sonny, he likes to sell the idea that the black folk ain't ever getting enough love from whitey and it is the white working man's duty to do what ever will make him and the other race-baiters happy. AL Sharpton had as much need in speaking at this memorial as David Duke would have. Michael Jackson may have been a lot of things but, he was NOT a leader in the Civil Rights Movement.
Don't get me wrong Jackson was very good at what the does, maybe the best in the world but shouldn't WE take a serious look at what is important to American's lives and survival. If you think it is always racial, then lets honor all the black soldiers that have given their lives in the recent wars, or the black cops who died while on duty, or the firemen. What about their memorial? Where is Anderson Cooper and Katie Curic for that?
How very sad that supposed professional news reporters are no better than the common scum of tabloid journalism.
Since Jackson's death over a dozen US Troops were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq---name ONE? Memorialize ONE? Can't can you?? Yet if I said, "What are the names of Michael's children, you would know that I bet. This nonsense is destroying our country and is about as disgusting as it gets.

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