Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The ongoing Senate Hearings on the appointment of Sonya Sotamayor to the Supreme Court have become another symbol of how things have gone wrong in our country. What used to be a search for the best Jurist to serve on the nations highest court, has disintegrated into a partisan political affair. It is difficult and painful to watch this process unfold as the two opposing sides line up to either defend or denigrate this nominee. One would wonder why the Republicans loathe her so, when she was previously appointed to her present position by former President George H.W. Bush. Hopefully, she will be able to rise above the fray and if appointed, serve to interpret the Constitution and not to seek to use her position to make law. Too often in recent years some of the Justices have used their position to make law rather than just interpreting existing law. It looks like she will soon be approved, we have to hope that she does a good job and puts country ahead of sex, nationality or religion. If not our problems will only continue to grow.

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