Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Perhaps the most frightening thing about what is going on today in America is the slow and systematic efforts by certain people in government to silence their critics or those who oppose the far reaching control of big government.
One of the ways it is happening is the criminalization of anything even remotely oppositional to those in power and their allies.  Groups and individuals are being branded as hate groups regardless of the evidence.  Individuals are being criminalized for vocal opposition to things like abortion, gun control, illegal immigration and the like.  Those in power know that a surefire way to silence critics is to label these critics as someone who opposes the political correctness or any of its far-reaching tentacles.  In other words, a tricky way to make opposition or different opinions against the law, illegal or criminal.
If you oppose same sex marriage, you are branded a homophobe, if you oppose, gun control you are labeled a "right-wing extremist".  Opposing a black President's policies gets you branded a"racist."
Make no mistake this is all part of a larger game to choke off opposition and silence anyone not in step with the power brokers and special interests controlling the media, government, power and money. 
A recent pledge by the Oathkeepers to carry out their promise to protect the Constitution is causing that group to be closely monitored by government agencies like the Terrorism Task Force and the FBI and will soon get them labeled as a "hate group" or something else which will allow the government to squash them and their rights under the guise of protecting us.
Presently, we find ourselves in a frightening, sort of Orwellian period of America's history.  Our laws and rights are constantly being violated, our heritage is being washed away, true facts of history are becoming twisted into lies and half truths, the Christian beliefs, so strongly tied into the fabric of our nation are being eaten away with no end in sight.  Due to all these reasons and many others like them it is evident that the Great American Nation we have all known is going away.  This,  much like the fall of the Roman Empire, so well chronicled, with all its warnings,  is as inevitable as the Sunshine.  Our America is going away and what is replacing it will not be anything worth living in.  The decay is all around us and has taken many different forms.  It is only a matter of time till we are all consumed.

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