Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Is it me or are we constantly fed a complete bunch of baloney by health researchers?  It appears that each time a study is done and a finding is given as fact, a few months or years later that study is replaced by one concluding just the opposite.  How many of us have fallen for these impressive sounding findings only to be turned around completely by a follow up finding?  Don't eat eggs, they will kill you in short order.  They cause cancer and heart disease.  Then, a couple years later;  eat eggs they are healthy and high in protein, vitamins, cure cancer and heart disease.   Don't give your kid vaccinations because they can cause brain damage, autism or death.  Later, "Oh, be sure to get your kids vaccinated to prevent childhood illnesses."   "It is irresponsible not to get your child vaccinated."
The Atkins Diet can kill you....wait no........the Atkins Diet is harmless.
All the billions of dollars spent on these research studies and we buy into the results only to find a short time later, we were played for fools.  Then the next guy gets his billion for a study  and gives us totally contradictory findings.  It has gotten to the point for me that I just play it safe and don't believe anyone.  Perhaps then I am the crazy one??    It just defies logic what they do to us in this regard.  You are pretty much on your own to think what you want because you can find a research study to prove any side.  All one must do is look at the most recent chaos with the H1N1 Flu Vaccine.  It was going to be a plague unlike any other since Biblical Times.  It was going to wipe out 20% of the Earth's Population.  Quick, we must have a vaccine!  I think I'll have mine on the rocks

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