Friday, February 12, 2010


Recent reports indicate that the wife of John Murtha is being considered as a replacement for the long time Congressman. 

What?  Why? You have to be kidding.  What makes her qualified?  This shows how pathetic these political parties are.  It's not about finding the best and most qualified replacement.  No, it's about getting a familiar name out there on the ballot to insure they can keep the gravy train going.  She may well be a nice lady and a great wife but, that in itself is not a reason to put her in such an important position.  She slept with the guy and had his children but none of that matters in the course of being a top notch political representative.  All the greed mongers in the Johnstown Democratic Machine want to do is have a Murtha in Congress.  For god sake the lady just lost her husband and now there are those that want to, for selfish reasons, push her in to political office.
I know this sort of thing has happened before but regardless of which party it is, it is a stupidly ridiculous idea.  How about we look for qualified candidates and urge them to run and not try to pass on a political office as if it were some form of noble title to be kept and passed on within a family.  Haven't we had enough bad examples of this in our history?   Power and influence passed on within a family for generations (aka Kennedys) flies directly in the face of the principles our nation was founded upon.  
My guess is the weak minded people of Murtha's district will be glad to have her, as long as she can keep the massive pork coming.
John Murtha made no effort to hide his shameless work of bringing hundreds of millions of dollars of pork projects into his Johnstown area district .  His claim that if he didn't take it, it would go elsewhere may have been true but, it shows a fundamental weakness in how our government operates in the modern era.  Instead of looking at things from a national perspective, is it good for America, politicians like Murtha only think about their own local region.  With all or most Congressmen thinking this way, it is no wonder our nation is in trouble.  Building airports and roads and billion dollar underground tunnels (Pittsburgh) where they are not really needed is a national economic disaster in the making.  The idea that funding any project you can get whether we need it or not, is putting another nail in our nations coffin. 

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