Thursday, February 4, 2010


I propose a contest to determine the most corrupt state in the union.   Consider it a diversion from the constant focus on the national mess we are now dealing with.  At least from my perspective it gives us some where else to focus our anger and disgust.
My choice is of course my own home state of Pennsylvania.  For some background keep in mind that PA has the second largest full time legislature in the nation.  Bigger than California, New York or Texas. Not only is PA home to one of the alleged co-conspiritors in the climate gate fiasco, Michael Mann, but  PA also has a long history of corruption in the legislature culminating in numerous scandals over the years and including the present where the Attorney General has been handing out dozens of indictments in the past year that include numerous high level legislators.  Here is a brief clip from Time Magazines January 18th Edition which gives a pretty good summary of the so called "Bonusgate Scandal",8599,1954271,00.html

PA has also had its share of shady characters in the Executive Branch of government including the convicted State Treasure Bud Dwyer who pulled this stunt in front of live media coverage the day before he was to be sentenced for bribery.  (***WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC-NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART)  You can get a background on Wikipedia before viewing the following link.

I realize this is going to be pretty hard to top but if you can show why your state should be considered please feel free to nominate it in your comments.

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