Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let me begin by saying how happy I am the Saints finally won a Super Bowl.  Not many other teams deserve it after such a long wait.  As a fan of the Steelers, I can relate to waiting over 40 years for a championship.
However, I don't think I can stand another comment on how this was done "for, because of, in-spite of, or as a result of Hurricane Katrina."   I don't think I can stand another news story or TV segment regarding the Saints win, that ties the whole thing up with Katrina.  
Yes, I know Katrina was devastating, Katrina was horrible and an awful disaster but, it was also five years ago already.  It's time to move on and try to put that behind us.  It's time for the media to talk about New Orleans without bringing Katrina into the mix.  Enough is enough already.  
I know better though, the media can't help themselves because it gives them another angle to write about, another gimmick to draw upon for their stories.  In addition, I know from living near Pittsburgh, that the media can't talk about this city without referring to the "Steel Mills" or the reference to a "Blue Collar" town.  For many of us in this region, you might as well talk about the dinosaurs.  The demise of steel in this area was 30 ot 40 years ago already.  Those of us that know History know all about that period already.  Those that don't know it by now really don't care..  
Congrats to the Saints, a great football team that won a championship this year because that's what they do.  They play a game to win a championship because that is what all football teams try to do, not because a city was hit by a hurricane five years ago.

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