Friday, February 19, 2010


I was watching some of the news clips on the internet of the plane crash into the IRS offices and reading about the pilot and his manifesto.  I noticed one common thread in the coverage and that was how anxious those in the MSM are to portray this nut and his actions as "terrorism"  Isn't it ironic that the same media who refuses to acknowledge the Fort Hood gunman or the underwear bomber as terrorists is so quick to push the term on this man with an ax to grind against the IRS.
Terrorists seek to change our behavior, have us be afraid to go to the market or fly on a plane.  They seek the death of anyone without impunity.  This individual had a grudge against a government agency that he believed was destroying his life and that was his focus.  Pure focused revenge and anger with the IRS and he was seeking a way to make a large public display so we could all see his revenge. He is murderer plain and simple.  He was going to get the IRS in some way regardless of where they were located.  A terrorist would simply say, there is a big building with lots of people in it, let's knock it down and kill as many as we can.  It wouldn't matter if it was an IRS Office, an insurance building or a school. 
This is another example of how the media is failing America today.  They all have alliances and agendas with their politics and politicians.   I'm guessing this is why the established MSM is failing in readership, viewership and has lost the confidence of the majority of Americans.

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