Thursday, February 25, 2010


This whole business of preventing a major/catastrophic terror attack here at home absolutely MUST be our first priority.  This is more important than Healthcare, more than the economy, more than the wars.  A dramatic and potent attack on the homeland would have the potential of destroying this country from the inside out.  
Look how these recent east coast snowstorms have crippled us.  Consider the effects of Katrina and the attack on 9/11.  The years it has taken to work toward recovery and we still are not there.  Imagine something ten-fold as devastating. The impact on our economy and production would be impossible to overcome.  I think we would be kidding ourselves to think that chaos would not reign in the streets and that Martial Law could be avoided.  If the behavior of people when a snowstorm is imminent is any indication, there would be massive turmoil.  Impending shortages of food, clean water and medical supplies would almost certainly cause widespread panic and violence.  Gangs of thugs would take from those who are weaker and this behavior would be so widespread as to make it impossible for authorities to deal with the resulting chaos.  Those who believe that the "good" would emerge or the "spirit of cooperation" would come into play in this scenario are only fooling themselves.
We have become a society of folks who can't do without a roll of toilet paper during a snowstorm, imagine the prospects of a long term interruption of the food supply, or electricity and running water.  If anyone believes the local police can restore order, or  even the National Guard is naive.  Remember, they too will have a family in need, or in serious danger.  Do you honestly believe they aren't going to worry about tending to them?  Imagine the biggest case of "blue flu" in our history and I couldn't blame them.  Who among us would not seek to stay at home or rush back there in the event of a national catastrophe?    
Taking all this into account, it is imperative our national leaders do everything possible to prevent this from happening.    We must use every means at our disposal, regardless of the political correctness or lack of,  in prevention.  If that means using advanced interrogation techniques, spying, military drones, preemptive attacks or assassination, it must be done.  Our survival depends on it.

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