Sunday, February 28, 2010


What was once the greatest school system in the world is now nearer to the bottom than to the top in most categories.  We now have a system where the dropout rate is approaching 33 percent.  Take that into account in why we are dropping like a rock in math and science and, we find that India has more Honor Students than we have students.  Not a very heartening batch of information, especially if we had any hope of a future for our grandchildren.  Forget for a moment that the vile, crooked politicians in Washington and our state capitals are systematically destroying in a few years, what took over 200 years to build, with their greed and their allowing this nation to lose its cultural identity.  Put all that aside and focus on the pathetic educational system we have evolved over the last 40-50 years.  We have schools overtaken academically, spiritually and physically in every respect.  We have thugs and bullies running the schools without fear of punishment, and administrators with no control over what goes on their school buildings. 
We have been more worried about cultural diversity than academics, more worried about entertainment than instruction, more concerned about justifying bad behavior instead of correcting it and more interested in tests and bureaucracy than in actual learning.  We have learned to accept excuses rather than results, medocracy over excellence and chaos over discipline.
How is it we expect this grand experiment called America to continue with a failing educational system?  Where will this path lead us?  We are certainly not on the road to a great future now are we? 

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