Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Recent news regarding the behavior of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's in a Georgia nightclub is not reflecting very well on him.  As more information is coming out it appears that some type of "contact" occurred and according to sources, the young lady involved had a bump on her head, which Roethlisberger supposedly told authorities was the result of a accidental fall.   As this affair plays out and the local news around Pittsburgh provides more details Ben is looking more guilty by the minute.
If true it would be just another example in the long line of pro-athletes displaying less than stellar, or even criminal behavior.  The problem with many of these folks is that they are spoiled beyond belief and develop a sense of entitlement that fuels their already bloated egos.  It's hard to get a bead on Roethlisberger because for every story saying what good things he has done, there is one that talks about the opposite.  Some say he is rude, arrogant and has on occasion, walked out on bar tabs and even that the $102 million dollar QB expects free food and drink when he goes out.  In other words he is trying to live off his celebrity.  Others point out he has given to charity and has established positive connections within the community.    As of this writing Ben has not been charged and Steeler fans everywhere are hoping that his innocence will be proven.  Sadly, regardless of how this plays out in the long run, Roethlisberger's reputation is permanently damaged since this is now the second allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior logged against him.  As a fan I am hopeful that he is innocent but as a father I am hopeful that if he is proven guilty, he will pay the appropriate price for his poor behavior.  Unfortunately, this kind of crappy behavior is all too common among celebrities.  Perhaps it is we who must bear some of the blame for this for elevating these mere mortals to a kind of god-like status when it is not deserved.  There are too many examples of these folks becoming role models for many in our society.  Toss in the many entertainers and politicians who have disgraced themselves recently and we should see a pattern of this poor  behavior that should be condemned and not accepted.  These kind of people are NOT worthy of our adoration or respect and certainly should not be anyone's role model.

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