Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well finally the left has used the torch of liberty to set America afire.  I'm not sure what smells worse the actual health care law or, the method used by the  political thugs in Congress to get it passed.  I think we really need to come to grips with the fact we no longer have a working Constitution in this country.  We have a "sometimes Constitution" which can be followed when it's convenient but can also be ignored when it isn't.  Right now these morons have the upper hand in what has been a decades long plan to destroy America and it's institutions.  They have been very patiently working behind the scenes to take control of our schools, our media, Hollywood and every other key aspect of our country.  In this regard they are like the Muslims who have been working on their takeover plan for hundreds of years.  The left's plan is like watching a video frame by frame, a lot can be happening but it isn't noticeable at such a slow speed.  You have to give them credit for their patience in pulling this off.  They have the country wrapped tightly around itself to the point that if you say something " politically incorrect" you can be arrested.  If you speak out in their so called "free speech" symposiums you can be shouted down, heckled or worse, for having a different view.  If you register your disgust for something or someone who in a minority or associated with one, you can be charged with a "hate crime."  This path of destruction is lined with promises of change, massive debt and a decaying population no longer able to sustain itself without the help of a big government.  We are truly living "The Fall of the Roman Empire, America's version.  Help!!

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