Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What if Everybody Fu*ked Off ?
Imagine a scenario where all of us went out to become occupiers.  What if no one was left behind to actually work and be productive members of society.  What if all the folks who get up every morning and trudge off to work decided to just go out an protest every day?  What if no one was left to produce anything, run the schools and hospitals or put out fires.  What if all these people just went out and bummed around in the park crapping on the street and never making any contribution to society? Wouldn't that be great?  
One thing the idiots who do all this crap count on is having another portion of the population be sane, rational and hardworking, so as to take care of them, clean up their mess and actually accomplish something to move society along.  If all of us were shitheads like these occuthugs, nobody would be around to clean up their mess.  What the hell would they do then?  Nobody to take care of their sorry asses, no doctors, nurses, teachers or farmers, all just asshole protestors like them.  Wouldn't that be interesting?

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