Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If Only
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to announce today that beginning immediately,  the United States of America will freeze all foreign aid for the next 90 days, so that we can determine which nations we will be providing for in the future." " Let it be known that this evaluation process will take in to account the actions, as well as, the rhetoric that has been levied toward America and it's interests.  We will no longer provide any type of assistance to any nation that our careful evaluation determines, is unfriendly toward America nor shall we come to the aid of any country who openly, or secretly, has committed any actions unfavorable to our interests."
"In addition, to those states with whom we choose to trade, be advised that beginning immediately, we will begin trading in like quantities,  For example, one barrel of oil for one bushel of wheat, corn or rice.  Further, let all nations be advised that anyone attacking the U.S, or Israel or our interests, will be subjected to the full retaliatory power of the United States, without regard to any civilian casualties that may occur as a result,  Any use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, will trigger an immediate and complete response against the perpetrator of such attack."
"This is the one and only warning and announcement that will be made regarding these actions.  "Thank you and God Bless America."

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