Saturday, September 22, 2012


You Wanna Piece of this?
You don't hear anyone talk about it much.  It's not discussed by our politicians, or by the media or even by bloggers.  It is for some reason a subject not broached anywhere that I've seen, today or in the recent past.  We talk about China's hold over our economy, we speak of the threat from Iran, we talk about the nukes in North Korea but, we never hear about this.  We Americans have a weapon, not just a little weapon but a huge, gigantic, massively big one.  One that if we would unleash would bring all of our enemies to their knees.   What am I talking about you ask?  What could possibly be so great a weapon that we could have these rogue nations literally "eating" out of our hands. I'm talking about food or course.  Yes food, and America's ability to grow it successfully and to be the world's breadbasket. There's no question in my mind that this weapon, if used properly, would tip the scales our way in many places around the world. 
Why we don't use this weapon more to our advantage, I don't understand?  

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