Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm wondering how it might be possible for any Veteran, especially those who have seen combat, to vote for BO or any of his ilk?  Looking at this guy's record and what he promotes and believes in, I can't imagine that anyone who has served could cast their vote for this leftist and his policies?  I ask this sincerely, as it's been something that has rolled around in my brain in the past.  I can't imagine how, though I know there are many that probably do.  To me, it's like the chickens letting the fox decide the menu. I'm looking for some input on this as I am aware of my conservative leanings and that they might be clouding my thinking on this. 
(Yes, I realize that moderates or conservatives have sent these people into harms way in the past,  ex. Bush,  and therefore I can understand why they might not vote for Bush but what would make one vote for Obama?

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