Friday, December 2, 2011


This is way too easy
According to Yahoo,  the top 10 Searches in 2011 are; the iPhone, Casey Anthony, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, American Idol, Jennifer Aniston, Japan's Earthquake and Osama bin Laden.  Therefore, as a result of learning this important info,  I must assume that this is what is on the minds of many many people.   If so, it's quite sad and embarrassing that folks dwell so much on these nonsensical and irrelevant things.  Granted, Japan's earthquake and the death of bin Laden are relevant but, as for the rest, it appears to be a monumental waste of time and energy.
I understand some people need to find distractions or diversions but, it has become ridiculous. 
It seems like there are so many folks out there who don 't want to deal with reality so they continually want to lose themselves in this nonsense.  They seem very content to have someone else worry about their real life problems so they can put their energy into following the Hollywood idiocy.  
I see it primarily as a maturity issue, an education (or lack of) issue and one of an attitude of entitlement.  
The idea that I can have ten kids and it's my neighbor's job to pay for them, or that I'm not accountable for my actions doesn't come out of nowhere.  It's an attitude that is gleaned over many years and becomes almost like a part of one's DNA.  In order to develop this kind of attitude you must be able to free your mind of worrying about relevant things like, getting a job, paying attention to one's kids, repaying loans or any of a thousand hum drum subjects from the real world.
When you watch these fools on TV and you see how they act, it's no surprise we as a nation are in the state we are in.   Then of course the other side of the coin is that you have so many liberal politicians  continually feeding this kind of behavior and attitude so as  to improve their own lot, it is disgusting.  
It's time to pull the nipple back and make these irresponsible people stand on their own two feet and bear the responsibility for their actions ( or in-actions). 
Quit wasting your time on the nonsense 24/7 and make an effort to contribute positively to society. 

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